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Born in 1968, Greger "Knock-Out Greg" Andersson first heard the blues at age 15 when legendary Swedish blues singer Sven Zetterberg showed up at Greg´s local school in rural town Gnesta, Sweden as part of a blues in the schools program.

It was a mind-blowing experience and from that day on Greg devoted his life trying to master the artform of playing blues and roots-oriented music. 


​Starting out as a guitar player he formed his first group in 1985 together with his younger brother Marcus on drums and the rest is history. The two brothers have been touring the world with different band constellations up until this day and have played well over 2.000 shows together. At age 19 Greg also started playing harmonica and was soon on a journey to mastering the instrument wich was to become his main weapon of choice, inspired by legends like Little Walter, Big Walter Horton, Sonny boy Williamson and George Smith. Among contemporary  harmonica players, Gary Primich and Kim Wilson have been great inspirations to Greg´s playing. The following years he spent most of his free time practicing on that mysterious little instrument. Today he ranks as one of the top players in Europe.

The first full length album under Greg´s name was released in 1994 as Knock-Out Greg & Blue Weather on Last Buzz records. The debut was followed up by four more albums on that same label. Two more records were cut with the Blue weather constellation before they decided to part ways in the early 2000s. One on Finnish label Goofin´records and one on Norwegian label Blue Mood records. The group made seven records in total.

Two more albums by Knock-Out Greg have seen the light of day, one by Knock-Out greg & the Injectors in 2015 and one by knock-Out Greg & the Jukes in 2019

Since 2020 Greg´s been touring and recording with his main group called Knock-Out Greg & the Blue Flames, a five piece unit consisting of brother Marcus Andersson on drums, Fredrik von Werder on keyboards, Tomi Leino on guitar and different bass players like Jonas Göransson, Tommy Cassemar, Gunnar Muwemba, Jaska Prepula among others.

You can also find him fronting a smaller gritty sounding constellation by the name of Knock-Out Greg Low Down Trio with Björn Viitanen on drums and Tomi Leino on guitar.

He is also performing regularly with Eric Bibb and Big Band Splash to mention a few as well as being backed up by local musicians at clubs and festivals all over the world.

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